One fine afternoon after we are done with our errands for our small shop, we decided to dine at Corner Tree Cafe. No expectations set for this unassuming place, just a random Monday cafe visit.

The name of the place is straight forward, it is really in a corner – right outside the entrance of a village with an old huge narra tree giving shade to the cafe.

Upon entering, you can feel the welcoming atmosphere with simple paintings on the wall, homey ambience, warm lights, wood elements and indie background music to complete the slow afternoon vibe.

We ordered cafe latte, comes in a small cup but surprisingly one of the best latte we ever tasted. We are delighted with its rich flavorings. We paired the coffee with banoffee pie,which was exceptionally delicious. The caramel syrup was perfectly sweetened, not too sweet for our taste.

We also had pasta with broccoli topped with almond nuts. It was so tasty and not greasy at all. The cheese melts perfectly. The pasta and broccoli were rightly cooked.

We enjoyed the food and the place that we had a pot of tea after, paired with another slice of banoffee pie.

As to value for money, we can say that their menu are reasonably priced. The service was also impressive because you can sense that they are used to attending customers. They won’t last for 10 years if not for their quality service and delicious food, after all, majority of their customers are foreigners who seemed to frequent the cafe.

Dining to Corner Tree Cafe is like talking to an old friend, comforting and homey. You should consider visiting this place in one of your random cafe visit. This place is definitely a must try!

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post.

Corner Tree Cafe 150 Jupiter Street, Bel-Air, Makati City, Metro Manila
Tel: +63 2 897-0295
Opens daily at 11am to 10pm