Our trip was long enough for us to miss our beloved Filipino cuisine. Sure other cuisines add spice to our palate but sinigang and adobo mean home. As mentioned in their website, this restaurant started only with a food truck. In 2011, the Be More Pacific Filipino food truck took to the streets on a hunch that the American culinary mainstream would like Filipino cooking. From there they expanded to a full blown restaurant.

Be More Pacific – Filipino Kitchen

Just about two weeks in the States we already craved for Filipino foods so we researched and luckily it was just few steps away from our Airbnb. The interior is modern with some touches of our heritage. The picture of our national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal was there, pictures of our tribe in their classical clothes, baro’t saya, a portion of their window is also made of Capiz. This restaurant also has a bar and they have happy hours for wines, local beer and of course, San Miguel beer– local beer of our country.

We have tried Sinigang na baboy, sisig tofu, fried lumpia and adobong manok. Everything was delicious. It was close to real thing we have back home but of course due to financial challenges to bring all the exact ingredients here, they tweaked some of it. Native pechay for the sinigang was missing but I have seen cilantro leaves in the dish. They also offer pancit. Out of curiosity, we asked our server if they have our native lime- kalamansi. Unfortunately, they only served pancit with lemon. But all in all, our cravings were satisfied. We love this place so much that we visited this many time during our trip. In one of our visits, we were with a friend from India who is a vegetarian. We were hesitant to recommend to her this restaurant since Filipinos are generally meat lovers and she might feel restricted in the food selection. To our surprise, she enjoyed the experience as some items in the menu can be tweaked to accommodate vegetarians. She loved the pancit and lumpia.

Aside from the food, customers like their large Al fresco area where kids can play and adults can enjoy just being outdoors.

7858 Shoal Creek Blvd. Ste C,


The District (The Anderson Lane)

My friend and I discovered this restaurant by chance. We were supposed to eat at the Be More Pacific Kitchen and Bar but it was closed. We learned later on that it is closed every Monday. I can say that this restaurant was such a pleasant surprise! We tried this restaurant around dinner time. We immediately noticed that there were lots people enjoying in their Al fresco area having some drinks while listening to up beat music. Upon entering, I was impressed with large wooden door and warm and inviting interiors. We were immediately attended to. Looking into the menu, this restaurant serves mainly American dishes with emphasis on fresh ingredients sourced locally. The District is passionate about serving its customers quality food pairing it with perfect drinks – be in cocktails, draft beers or wine and offering them a classy and inviting ambiance to bond with good company. That for them is the New American Cuisine, not only great food but great place and friends to eat with.

In my several visits here I enjoyed eating their Texas Wagyu Steak! I had it medium rare and the meat was so tasty and for the price, the serving was generous. It is served with roasted red potato, truffle oil and crispy onions. Just writing about it makes me wanna have it right now. It was that delicious! Their servers were very much attentive too. I specified that I prefer red wine that is mild and with fruity/ sweet taste and I was given exactly what I wanted.

I also ordered with friends their charcuterie with combination of meat and cheese. It also comes with bread and jam. It can be a perfect appetizer or even an entree with drinks on the side if you are not so hungry. Their charcuterie is simple yet filling and you can really taste the freshness of the selection.

Stiles Switch

Aside from cowboy hats and boots, Texas is famous of course for their barbeque. I only tried this once so I have no point of comparison at all. But based on what I had, I would say no doubt that there is a reason why they are known for this food.

While we were at downtown, visiting their Capitol, we decided to try Franklin Barbecue . This name keeps on popping out whenever I search for the best barbeque in town. We were there 11 am. I was thinking that for a best seller restaurant, there were no lines outside. But to our dismay, as we come nearer its door, there was a notice that Franklin was already sold out. Yup 11 am! Sold out. The place is typical for best seller stores – simple, unassuming and yes sold out!

Because of our persistence to eat barbeque, we asked the server if he knows of a place serving barbeque (how rude of us hehe ). Luckily he recommended Stiles.

It was around 15 minutes drive. On our way, we were already thinking of our plan C should we be refused again of our BBQ craving. The place was bigger than Franklin and one notch higher in terms of interior. But still nothing fancy ambience wise. Its website says they specialized it slow smoked meats and house made dishes.

There was no line. Typical for Texan servings, the bbq was huge but so flavorful and very tender. The sidings were also perfect. Because we know that we will be trying other cuisines while we are at Texas, we just shared with the serving. But it was still huge for Asian tummies. We were satisfied with barbeque as well as the sidings. Mission accomplished!

http://www.stilesswitchbbq.com/ 6610 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, Tx, 78757

North Italia at the Domain

As mentioned in our previous post, during our stay in Austin, Texas, we frequent The Domain. While it is known as shopping haven, we also like the selection of restaurants there. There were various cuisines to choose from. Our favorite is North Italia. Looking from the outside, one can sense that something special is going on inside. As we walked inside the place, we can smell the freshness of the ingredients used, the interior is also impeccable. The bar area is also tempting us to try their wine selection and cocktails.

We tried their Squid Ink Mafaldine ( white shrimp, calamari, acqua pazza, mint, fennel pollen, calabrian chili ) as well as their pizza margherita (mozarella, fresh basil, olive oil and red sauce) . The ingredients were just basic but definitely fresh. We completed our meal with dessert and coffee. It was my first time to try Salted Caramel Budino (crème fraiche, maldon sea salt) . Budino is a sweet Italian dish, usually rich and creamy like a custard or pudding.

Visit here for more information of the place. https://www.northitalia.com/locations/austin-tx-the-domain/#

There you go! Till my next Austin entry food post!