The unfortunate tragedy that befallen the Bryant’s family and the other families in the helicopter is truly heartbreaking. Kobe Bryant was undefeatable, he was a symbol of invincibility and indestructibility. But alas, in this world no one is. But if there’s one thing I can take from this – it is to cherish the NOW. To cherish every moment with yourself and appreciate your loved ones. So with that, I ask you to;

Challenge yourself every day, stretch yourself over and over even when it makes you feel uncomfortable, even when it feels really hard. If you are the “shy-type” or an introvert, push yourself at times to speak up more often. If you are the opposite, “an extrovert”, pause and remember to listen more often.

Cherish the NOW.

I challenge you to be open to new views and perspectives especially at times when you feel that you are in the right. Or when you are pretty strong that others’ views are wrong. Be conscious and catch yourself before making quick judgements, pause for a second and do consider what others are trying to say. You might learn something from it and perhaps what they are saying may be valid. Tolerate the unknown and ambiguous. Sometimes, it is okay not to know. Take risks, especially when it comes to learning. Risk learning something new in the public, learn something from children and from the old. Take responsibility for your choices and reflect in your own role in the situation before blaming others. Assume positive intent from others, assume good intentions. For the most part, everyone is good and is trying to do the right thing even when it looks otherwise.

And most importantly, be compassionate. Start with compassion for yourself and for others around you. Share yourself! Have fun, let joy come in your life, yes work hard but also think deeply and love harder. Enjoy, be blissful and always have a good night’s sleep.

Note: This is a guest post from a blissful client of ours who is based in New York. A wife, a mother, a career woman and many other things — a mentor, friend, speaker and a leader. Currently finishing her Masters while on a full-time job.