I am always hesitant to taking medicines or eating processed foods. When I am sick, which luckily rarely happens, as much as possible I do not want want to take any medicine. What I do is I just take some rest, drink plenty of water and eat some more fruits and vegetables. I do not despise medicines. In fact, I acknowledge that these medicines were products of years of research and indeed cure many illnesses and help save lives. I also cannot deny that I eat processed foods and the convenience they bring us.

But whenever possible, I would only like to nourish my body with tasty, fresh and nutritious foods. I am a believer that taking in natural foods have immense health benefits without the side effects. So when I got pregnant with my first child, I did not have second thoughts of breastfeeding my baby. This desire was there still with my second child. However, despite my willingness to breastfeed them, I was only successful during my maternity leave. After my maternity leave, which is just 2 months, my milk supply dwindled. It was only during my third time of being a mom did I finally got the hang of breastfeeding. I was able to exclusively breastfeed my third child for a year (way beyond my maternity leave. Yay! )

Now my third child is 17 months old. We are already giving her formula milk. I no longer pump milk during office hours, but I still do direct feeding whenever we are together, upon my baby’s demand.

Yes breastfeeding while having a a full time job is possible. It is not without challenges but it is doable. Here are some of the things which I did and I hope it helps our nursing moms :

  1. Determination is key. Acknowledge the fact that breastfeeding is hard at first. It takes a lot of effort and time. But just like anything else, once you get the rhythm of it, it becomes easy.
  2. Eat right. Drink lots of water, eat vegetables and fruits and have plenty of soup.
  3. Pump before your maternity leave ends. Take advantage of your time away from work and start building your milk stash.
  4. You need support system. Breastfeeding takes a lot of effort. Many times, doing household chores along with breastfeeding is impossible. It is just very hard especially if you are working full time. So you really need a helping hand so you could focus on pumping milk.
  5. Direct feed your child whenever possible. Dress appropriately for breastfeeding. Luckily a lot of establishments now, mall especially, have areas dedicated solely for breastfeeding. Always do your research where these areas are located. I remember where i had to attend several days of seminars. I called the organizers days before the event and informed them that I need a room to express my milk and store it. The organizers gladly assisted me with my request.
  6. Have a schedule of your pumping session. As much as possible, before you leave for office, complete one pumping session. Then have have the succeeding sessions every after 3 hours. Pump again when you arrive home.
  7. Join Facebook page dedicated for breastfeeding. Research and read materials regarding the subject matter.
  8. Have a lactation massage. Just when I was about to give up my breastfeeding journey, I decided to avail lactation massage. I had it from the hospital where I delivered my baby. The price is reasonable. The result was not immediate but i believe it helped me boost my milk production.

I only have enough milk supplies for my baby. I only have enough milk for the daily consumption of my baby but we survived! Admittedly, breastfeeding your baby is a tough journey but a very rewarding one. Enjoy the moments with your baby!