We live in a fast-paced world. Work and personal life are often tangled with overwhelming tasks.  Weekends and limited number of leaves from work are the only chances for us to rest and do things we are passionate about. To find time for activities that will make us blissful outside our everyday routine. As a person, we simply desire joy and contentment. But so often, these feelings seems too hard to find.

Hence, taking several days off from work and traveling are options but are not always feasible.  Despite life demands, it is essential that we pause, rest and enjoy small moments.  It is important for us to take “mini vacations” daily. Consider the following suggestions to find bliss in your everyday life:

1. Leave your phone behind. Make a conscious effort to limit the use of social media platforms.

2. Read a book. Visit book shops and book fairs.

3. Wear something that will make you feel beautiful such as handmade accessory or a colorful scarf.

4. Drink a warm cup of tea or coffee.

5. Prepare a salad with the freshest ingredients. 

6. Use your lunch break to enjoy natural and outdoor view. Visit a park nearby.

7. Meditate. Read daily inspirations.

8. Take a walk or run outside. Enjoy nature.

9. Schedule lunch with a friend or colleague.

10. Write on your journal.

11. Call a family member or friends to catch up in the middle of the day just because.

12. Know your neighborhood. Discover new things about your place, like a new cafe or museum you haven’t been to.

13. Sunrise and sunset chasing.

14. Light a candle and enjoy a quiet evening.

15. Simply enjoy the art of doing nothing.

Let us not spend our precious time just by going through our daily routines.  For us to have more blissful moments,  let us be mindful on how we spend our time and energy. Let us not wait for our next travel destination to take a break and enjoy, instead, make your everyday life feel more like a vacation.

It is only a matter of perspective and life choices that will make our everyday blissful. Cherish that chance.