Happy New Year, everyone! Hello, 2021!

Welcoming the new year with a financial blog post for much needed wealth goals inspiration. Hard truth, saving money is always a challenge. Hence, resorting to fun and creative ways to start saving habits will always be a good idea to jumpstart a year.

January 2020 of last year, a dear officemate gifted me with an Ipon Challenge coin bank (see below picture). If you complete the challenge, you will end up with P53,750 at the end of the year. Not bad, right? As a matter of fact, even if you are able to save just half of the amount, you will end up with extra cash by December. Yay!

As a person, I am fond of creative and fun money challenges shared in social media or blogs but, actually never completed a single one. Hence, I took the challenge and started saving money right away by shading the small circles after putting in the corresponding amount for a particular number of coins and bills. For starter, you have to save 100 pieces of 1-peso coin, 90 pieces of 5-peso coin, 80 pieces of 10-peso coin until 20 pieces of the 1,000-peso bill that should be completed at the end of the year.

Ipon Challenge completed!

Based on my personal experience, the real challenge was how to CONSISTENTLY save up with a certain targeted amount. There were numerous factors that made me neglect to put in the amount accordingly and shade that particular small circle. Living in a workaday world reality, demands of work, family and personal obligations are among those concerns. Focus, discipline and consistency are the main values that made me complete this Ipon Challenge. The strong desire to finally achieve a money challenge even for once, a personal financial goal.

When you take on a money challenge, realizations will be made as you go through the journey. First, you achieve your financial goal for the year – funding up a travel, preparing your December holiday fund or even starting your own small business. Second, you develop the habit of saving and financial discipline.

This 2021, if your are looking to challenge yourself to consistently save up for an end goal amount, remember to commit to a money challenge that are doable based on your budget and comfortability. After all, money challenges are simply fun and creative ways for us to develop the art and habit of saving. It’s also a good way to start our financial freedom plans and to finally fund our financial serenity account slowly.

I already got my new Ipon Challenge coin bank for 2021. Let’s do this! Do you have fun ways of saving? Tara, ipon tayo!