Not for our blog of course but, how the whole concept of blissful comes to life. Our regular readers here know that our team consists of two women from the corporate world, legal profession to be exact who wanted to explore more of our creative and entrepreneur side.

A year ago in the middle of our serene and balanced office and family life, we dreamt of going beyond our comfort zones and do other things we haven’t tried before. Unsure of everything but determined to start something close to our hearts – local and handcrafted finds. We started selling items through our social media accounts then even dreamt big of putting up our own blog as well with the same theme- sharing blissful finds and moments.

We are far away from saying that our passion to this is enough to sustain us financially but we are enjoying what we are doing. But who knows, with hard work, perseverance and lots of prayers, we are hoping that one day somehow, these ventures translate into viable endeavors. We have been asked many times how to start something productive or creative activity in your spare time. Here are our tips:

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  1. Know your interests. Start with asking yourself what are your talents outside of your work. Can you do hosting? Maybe you are good in doing make up or in calligraphy. Sometimes we are just too busy to notice but take some time to pause and reflect which of your skills would you like to focus and develop more. Maybe the cookies you baked last holiday season was a hit and it could be a sign that you might want to bake more and try doing other recipes until you are confident enough to offer it to your friends.
  2. Maximize the power of internet. We do not notice it but the time we spend in our social media accounts is more than enough to develop and even learn knew skill. Nowadays, where there is no limit in terms of information gathering, almost everything we want to know is just at our fingertips. Also, a lot of businesses started by just creating a social media account which costs almost nothing as compared with a brick and mortar store with high rental fees.
  3. Do it with the people you love. As mentioned, me and my business partner are both working full time. It is such a blessing that we clicked and are growing our ventures together rather than on our own. Our first customers were also our friends and relatives. We must consider, it starts with the people you already know, just do your best all the time and who knows, you might get recommendations from them which will lead to your biggest break.
  4. Enjoy the process. Definitely you will commit mistakes along the way and get very tired that you do not want to do anything. Just get some rest and pause, and if you really love what you are doing, you will find inspirations to get back and keep moving.

The hardest part of doing something new aside from your usual routine is how to start. It is much comfortable to be stuck with our daily activities. But if the time comes that you will start thinking of what ifs, just give yourself a try. Maybe you will find the perfect balance of still doing what you have been doing and exploring more of what you can possibly do in the future.

With that, we are leaving you questions to ponder from a Japanese book entitled, IKIGAI. Maybe you can spare a few minutes of your time to pause and reflect. Listen to your heart.