The world took a pause. The pandemic brings us lots of devastating memories. But admittedly, once these are all over and we are back to our previous routines, we will miss these days.

Before quarantine, me and my family are mostly outside our home due to work and schools and of course the super bad traffic we had to endure day to day which takes hours off from our rest and leisure time. On weekends, like any other family, we stay out to do grocery, attend mass and visit the mall. Sometimes we travel to local destinations or we take international trips. We were always on the go. Staying home is not something we look forward to. Suddenly, we are in lockdown due to Covid-19. Surely, we took it as bad news. Imagine all of a sudden being restricted from going out? But as days go by, it was not easy but I realized it is not that bad. I am loving it or maybe I just embraced and accepted it.

I listed below what I enjoyed and will miss after our quarantine days:

Sunset/Sunrise chasing

We were made to believe with all the ads and social media feeds of people we know that we have to travel far just to see and appreciate a magnificent sunrise or sunset. But during the lockdown where all we have was the four corners of our tiny condominium unit, I learned to appreciate small miracles such as sunrise.

Amazing view on my bedside

I live in a high rise condominium. The first time I stepped into our unit, I was in awe of the view. But because of everyday challenges, everyday responsibility and the rush of living in the metro, I took this for granted. But now, I look forward to every sunrise and whenever the sun changes colors before its setting. It is just amazing.

Exploring new recipes

Eating out was so big in our country . Because why not? It is convenient , the choices are vast and dynamic . I still try to cook but quarantine life gave me perfect opportunity to try to cook recipes i never had the time to try before.

My version of frozen cheesecake. I was unable to buy colorless gelatin that’s why the cheesecake has a hint of green. But for me the green powdered gelatin serves its purpose with an added twist 🙂

It is my first time ordering 3 kilos of flour for baking and finishing it in just about 2 weeks. My kids also love baking so this is a good bonding activity.

Of course, I have plenty of time to do these

Exploring new skills or other interests

Other than netflix and k-drama, I also tried . It is a free app where you can learn a lot, may it be related to digital work, legal profession or even science. It is our opportunity to take a sneak peek of the Ivy League schools and actually participate in their short courses. Users have limited time to access the courses but I think the time given is more than enough. The limited period is about a couple of weeks to a month. This will also encourage the learners to find time to finish the course promptly. I took the courses Leading the Digital Age and Successful Negotiation: Essential Strategies and Skills. Both were great courses and definitely I will try to apply what I have learned in the future. Learners will also have the option to continue studying the course in depth and with certification but of course this comes with a fee.

I relived my love for potted gardening. I maximized our small space in our veranda and planted tomatoes from scrap. It is nothing compared to my dream of having an urban garden. I am just happy to see my small plant grow everyday and hopefully I will be able to add more plant babies.

My tomatoes in a pot

This blog also benefited in this universal pause. We have got more entries in this blog which ordinarily we do not have time because of our busy schedules. As mentioned in our previous posts, me and my co-owner of the blog work full time in a corporate setting and we are not able write here as much as we want to. We hope to sustain this momentum even after we are back to our usual busy activities.

Traffic-free life and a happier air

One of the consequences in living in big city is the bad quality of air. But now that everyone is encouraged to stay home, the horizon is clearer. From where I live, I can clearly see ships at Manila bay as well as mountains which normally are not visible due to air pollution.

As I inhale, it is noticeable that the air feels lighter. I hope it is not psychological. But all I can say is my husband now has lesser asthma attacks. Traffic is way better. Due to lesser people on the road, the flow of traffic has also dramatically improved.

Constant communication/catch up with loved ones

Because we mostly stay at home with no unnecessary distractions, I noticed that these days I am more connected than ever with my families in the province and abroad. Somehow, it has made us closer and more updated with each others lives. Although we do not personally meet but thankfully for the internet and social media apps, we can easily message each other right away.

I would also like to think that me and my family have become more prayerful than ever. We have scheduled prayer time everyday along with our relatives from far away.

Nobody wanted this pandemic to happen. We should keep on praying and believing that this too shall pass. We just have to be strong and deal with it day to day. For now, let us all be safe and healthy.

How about you? What new things did you learn from this pandemic?