It’s been 4 months since our last entry for this blog. As they say, the usual culprit for writing hiatus is the lack of time. True enough, we have been busy with work, our small online business, personal and family life as well. Hence, finding time to just sit down and write was not really doable.

Here we are – December, the last month of the year 2020. A year of uncertainty and rollercoaster of emotions. Good job to all of us for sticking through and staying sane.

December mood.

We spent the first two weeks of December with a much slower pace in the province as compared to the previous busy years in the big city. We were able to snatch moments of solitude and enjoy our own rituals of self-nurturance for the full two weeks without leaving home.

Slow morning with coffee and inspiring book.

It’s been almost a year since we visited our hometown due to travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. As they say, the greatest adventure of our lives is finding our way back home. Indeed, we are home. The feeling of comfort and warmth welcomed us. Quiet afternoons were spent by the window chasing sunsets and enjoying varying degree of silence and stillness.

Home became our little oasis, a safe haven since we started the work from home set-up at the beginning of the lockdown. Days passed with lots of work, rest, quality time and homecooked meals.

Homemade meals are the best.

After work, evenings were spent with lots of reading, tea and conversations on a rainy cold December night. Perfectly loving moments like these, simple yet significant. Finding time to do things that are deemed meaningful to us. Balancing our need for rest and slowing down with the demands of responsibility.

Book, tea and candle on rainy December evening.

Being in solitude for two weeks, we were able to give more passionate attention to our emotions, to our lives and to the most important things in life – family, relationships, good health and safety. No grand plans needed but the will to live simply, happy and always with a grateful heart.

How’s your December?