Find your bliss, an old adage yet still true today. Blissful feeling is a journey of perfect happiness or great joy. In our busy world where everything is digital, instant and online, it is comforting to find some bliss in our everyday life. There is comfort in simple pleasures such as reading your favorite book, enjoying time with nature, conversation with a friend over coffee or just simply doing nothing. Likewise, spending time with our loved ones at the comfort of our home is priceless. Conversation with a friend in person is still way better than seeing their updates in social media. Nowadays, dinner is served with just a few clicks on our mobile phones and food is waiting at your doorsteps. But who can resist the delicious aroma of home cooked meals made from scratch and out of love? Indeed, you can never have too many blissful moments in life.

Blissful Keeps Shop was founded by two lawyers who aside from legal profession are passionate into traveling and finding things worth sharing. We find joy in everything beautiful, simple and classic. We are delighted with handcrafted and organic products as opposed to commercial brands. We have a penchant for handmade and unique accessories. Most importantly, we are passionate to share our blissful finds to everyone. Hence, finding truthfulness to our vision, blissful finds worth keeping.

We hope you enjoy your visit and come back often. Please continue to drop by and say Hi!