Author: Haemin Sunim – Zen buddhist teacher and writer in South Korea. He came to U.S to study film, only to find himself pulled into the spiritual life. His books are popular guides not only to meditation but also to overcoming the challenges of everyday life. Resides in Seoul when not travelling to share his teachings.

The book is presented in eight (8) short chapters that include a quick introduction or story with beautifully captured illustrations, followed by various paragraphs of life advise and ancient wisdom. Chapters title are as follows: Rest, Mindfulness, Passion, Relationships, Love, Life, the Future and Spirituality. Laid out as mindfulness guideposts to well-being and happiness. The book has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide.

It’s a beautiful escape from the daily grind of life, teaching us what’s truly important. Below are some of my favorite takeaways from the book.

  • “Don’t struggle to heal your wounds. Just pour time into your heart and wait. When your wounds are ready, they will heal on their own.”
  • “Sometimes life throws us a curveball for no reason that we can fathom. But do not despair. We are not alone. We can persevere. This, too, shall pass, like the heat of summer.”
  • “Your freedom is more important than money. It is better to live the kind of life you want than to earn more and be constrained. Don’t sell your freedom.”
  • “Dream big but start small. A small adjustment can have a big effect on your life.”
  • “Some say they don’t really know what they are looking for in life. This might be because, instead of getting in touch with how they feel, they have led their lives according to other people’s expectations. Live your life not to satisfy other, but to fulfill what your heart desires.”
  • “My dear young friend, please don’t feel discouraged just because you are slightly behind. Life isn’t a hundred-meter race against your friends, but a lifelong marathon against yourself. Rather than focusing on getting ahead of your friends, first try to discover your unique color.

I personally loved the book, a great slow down companion in days when everything seems to be moving so fast. When was the last time you had a slow day? I suggest you schedule one. Bring with you this lovely book, a beautiful reminder of the rewards of being calm in a busy world.

And with that, I am leaving you my favorite excerpt from the book, When everything around me is moving so fast, I stop and ask, “Is it the world that’s busy, or is it my mind?” – Haemin Sunim