1. Honky Tonk

One of our colleagues in our Austin office randomly invited me and my officemate and fellow traveler to experience honky-tonk. I personally did not have any expectations. And because we were excited to try anything that is authentic to the place, we agreed right away. So after office hours, we just drop our things at home and did some freshening up and we were off to a Friday night out. Yay!

Austin is the capital of Texas. To promote local business, its famous slogan is to “Keep Austin Weird.” The place embraces uniqueness and everything quirky and charming. Austin is also known for having a vibrant music scene. And all of those we experienced in a tiny but lively place called Ginny’s Little Longhorn. True to the traditional honky-tonk , the place is just simple and unassuming, nothing fancy. From the outside, it was quaint and the structure mostly made of refurbished woods. We were confused where to enter only to find out that the entrance was through a back- door. But later on we were told, that one can actually enter through their front door but it means you will walk through in the middle of the dance floor and in front of the band playing. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Upon entering the place, live country music is playing with crowd who seem to know each other. There’s a bar for ice cold draft beer, local and imported. I am not really a beer drinker but I can say that theirs is one of the best I tasted. There were no windows, just a room filled with neon lights, hole-in-the-wall decorations , low ceiling and a small dance floor. It was just the perfect chill vibe on a Friday night. The only downside was that there were no foods served. This is opposite to Pinoy inuman because in the Philippines, when you are drinking with friends, anywhere from fancy bars to just ordinary pubs, almost always there is pulutan or food that you eat while drinking.

But may be because, there is really no kitchen in a honky tonk place, just a bar for preparing drinks. It could also be so that the focus will be on the draft beer, live music and the dancing!


5434 Burnet Road, Austin, Texas 78756, United States

(512) 524-1291

2. Blanton Museum of Art

This is the first museum that I visited in my trip and it did not disappoint. Entrance for adult is $12.00. According to its website, this museum has the largest and most comprehensive collection of art in Central Texas. It is located inside the campus of University of Texas.

Upon entrance, guests are welcomed with a view of simple but elegant grand staircase painted in light blue and white with high ceiling that has a unique art installation. Somehow it reminded me of the beach, relaxing and calm. The entrance truly gave a sneak peak of what awaits guests.

The museum is so big and consisted of several floors filled with paintings and art installations. My favorite part is paintings with religious theme.


Blanton Museum of Art The University of Texas at Austin Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard at Congress Avenue (200 E. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.) Austin, Texas 78701

3. Zilker Botanical Garden

Austin is known for wide spaces. This is not an exception. I enjoyed roaming here. This garden is around 15 minutes away from our rented home. It was close to downtown. It is 26 acres filled with greens and open spaces.

Coming from a city where space is very limited and with very few garden or parks open for public, this is a welcoming site. It is located in a vast property, Zilker Metropolitan Park but we were not able to visit the other places because we just explored the garden on foot. When we visited, the weather was fine, a bit warm and it was not raining nor windy. That is why there were also other visitors. There is a Taniguchi Japanese Garden and The Hartman Prehistoric Garden among others. There were ponds and mini water falls. I love the very big wind chimes with its soothing sounds as well as the view deck overlooking Austin downtown.


Among other places I have visited, Austin was not the immediate favorite. But as I get to know it, it turned out I like it. It has the perfect mix of chill and modern vibe, not as bustling as New York but not too laid back that you will be bored to death. The diversity of food in Austin is another story. I will definitely feature it in the coming post. Stay tuned!