I love finding comfort with nature. It’s a great source of sweet serenity and stillness. Sagada is one of my dream destinations in the Philippines. The lush green mountains, picturesque view, cold weather, pine-scented breeze, local coffee, quaint community and laid back lifestyle captivated me.

Last February of this year, together with my officemates, we were fortunate to visit this place before the lockdown due to COVID-19 pandemic. Our main considerations for this travel was to really enjoy Sagada in a relaxed pace, lots of eating, few itineraries and just indulge ourselves with staying still at our cozy Airbnb with freshly brewed Sagada coffee in the morning and bonfire at night.

Beautiful sea of clouds in the morning
Freshly brewed Sagada coffee while enjoying the sunrise
Our cozy Airbnb

Lots of eating were involved in this trip, trying out different Sagada cuisine. For such a small town, there are numerous local restaurants to try. Explore the area and satisfy your cravings with locally prepared dishes.

As first timer in Sagada, the aura of the place made me reflect on life. Took this photo on our first afternoon, captured natural light with no filter needed. Just pure beauty of Sagada in the afternoon. I am always in awe of life in the mountains. Pure, simple and happy.

Lovely to be here!

The surrounding mountains of Sagada offer a gorgeous spot for hiking and adventure. We took this opportunity. On our second day, I remembered it was a leap year, February 29, 2020 to be exact. Eight years since a dream came true, to be a lawyer. I spent my special day with a morning hike at Blue soil hills, indeed, the best view comes after the hardest climb. Just like a dream, it can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Trail covered with pine trees

I love the cold temperature in the mountains, it soothes the soul. Hence, I brought our very own all natural beeswax lip balm which helps moisturizes the lips especially during cold weather. You may send us a message if you wish to know more about this particular item.

Writing this blog entry at this time of global health crisis, when staying home is a must, I can’t help but remember the life lessons imparted on me by my visit in Sagada, Mountain Province. A small, slightly developed village at the heart of Cordillera. Life is simple yet sustainable. Agriculture as the primary source of living.

In life, there is abundance in simplicity. As long as we have our family, home to shelter us and food on the table, we will be fine.

Have you been to Sagada?