Top of the list whenever we want to take a quick breather from the hustle of the metro is to visit Tagaytay. After an hour drive from Manila, the magnificent view of Taal welcomes every tired soul and rejuvenates it with fresh ideas and perspectives. But after all that’s happening with our favorite weekend volcano, for sure it needs a lot of time to recover too. After the ash falls and eruption affecting communities within and even outside the province, it will take a while before the place finally returns to its normal state. In this article, we want to share with you what we will miss most of Tagaytay.

  1. Taal viewpoint

The main reason of going to Tagaytay is to take a peek of the volcano. From the viewpoint, no matter what we are doing, drinking warm coffee/hot chocolate or eating bulalo, the experience is never complete without a glimpse of Taal volcano. Whenever it’s foggy or cloudy, try to wait for fair weather before leaving to catch its beauty. You can also chase sunrise for an awesome experience and enjoy the cold breeze of Tagaytay.

Sunrise chaser
  1. Balay Dako

This gigantic restaurant offers not only sumptuous Filipino comfort dishes at reasonable prices but also a homey ambiance and an outstanding vantage point to see Taal.

We will be missing their bulalo good enough for dine in and left over for take out because of their big servings. We also love the freshly cooked piyaya, their hand crafted ice cream and of course their bakeshop.

Upon entering, this lovely interior will greet you.
Breathtaking view from their balcony.
Handcrafted ice cream.
  1. Bag of Beans Cafe

Young or young at heart always have something to look forward to in this cafe. Kids like their pancakes with chocolate drizzled smiley face while adults like sipping barako coffee in heavy ceramic mug. This homegrown restaurant comes first in our list than international brands common in the metro.

Apple Pie Ala Mode

4. Public Market and Flower Market

Definitely we will miss visiting their public market for their selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, coffee and flowers at very low prices.

Fresh coffee beans

But for now, let us all do our share in helping our fellowmen greatly affected by this calamity. In no time and with our cooperation, Tagaytay and its nearby towns will again rise as our go to place for a quick weekend escape away from the hustle and bustle of the big city life.