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Welcome to Blissful Keeps Shop!

We are a team of two empowered women who were raised in the province by our hard working parents. We lived a simple life in Naga City and Santiago City, Isabela respectively. Our parents were both into small retail business.
We spent our weekends and school breaks not just playing with other kids our age but also helping out selling goods in the public market.
Back then, we did not have enough money to travel as much locally or internationally. However, our fathers have creative way for us to see the world — through reading. Our love for written words brought us to studying law and fortunately accepted in the legal profession. 
We are colleagues working as corporate lawyers. Our work gave us the perfect balance of working and exploring other interests outside our field. We both love to travel and shop as forms of stepping out in the workaday world. We were fascinated with organic, hand-made, intricately designed fabrics, accessories, bags and the likes. We find BLISS when we discovers unique and creative finds. As such, we were inspired to venture into lifestyle shop promoting handmade and locally produced products of small entrepreneurs to digital market. Yes, we love being lawyers and feels privileged to be in this profession. But our entrepreneur spirits still lives on . Hence, the Blissful Keeps Shop. 

Hope you can find your bliss here as you browse through our page. Nice to meet you.

Products and Services

We also provide services for intentional gifting for any occasions to make gift giving more meaningful. Every customized gift boxes are unique and personal.

Our products are also available as souvenirs for weddings, birthdays and any special events in your life.

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